1. General conditions

1.1. The VIKNAVEL.EE online store sells products sold in VIKNAVEL stores owned by VIKNAVEL OÜ (the “Items”).

1.2. The terms and conditions apply to legal relations arising between the client (hereinafter: the Customer) and VIKNAVEL OÜ (hereinafter: the Seller), the owner of the purchaser’s environment located at the Internet address www.VIKNAVEL.ee (hereinafter: the online store), in connection with purchase of Items in the online store. In addition to these conditions, the legal relationship arising from the purchase of Items in the online store is governed by legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

1.3. Seller details: VIKNAVEL OÜ, registration address: ÕISMÄE TEE 195 – 17, 13517, Tallinn. Reg. code: 10959270.

2. Prices

2.1. All prices displayed in the online store are in euros.

3. Items

3.1. The Items displayed in the online store are usually available in stock. The availability of these products is not guaranteed, because these data may be erroneous due to possible technical problems in the programs of the Internet store.

3.2. If the Customer submits an order, but it turns out that this Items is not in stock, the online store will not be able to fulfill this order. In this case, the employee of the online store will contact the customer and offer replacement Items, a possible time for a new delivery or return the purchase amount to the Customer no later than within 10 days.

3.3. The photos displayed in the online store are illustrative and may, to a small extent, inadvertently differ from the actual appearance of the Items.

4. Making a purchase

4.1. The customer selects the desired Product in the online store and adds it to the shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button (“Lisa ostukorvi”).

4.2. To place an order in the basket, click the button “Go to payment” (“Edasi maksma”), after which the client will be redirected to the order registration page. After entering the required data, the Customer pays the Goods through a bank link in the Internet bank and confirms the order by clicking on the button “Return to the Seller” (“Tagasi kaupmehe juurde”).

4.3. After payment of the Goods, the online store sends the order confirmation via e-mail to the Customer.

4.4. The client undertakes to present the original data necessary for order fulfillment when ordering.

4.5. The Seller is not responsible for the impossibility of fulfilling the order, due to incorrect data provided by the Customer when filling out the order, or for any consequences arising from this.

5. Registration in the online store and program for regular customers VIKNAVEL

5.1. For all regular customers registered in the online store, an automatic discount of -5% applies to the Goods sold in the online store at the full price. This discount is displayed when making a purchase in the event that the product is added to the shopping cart. This discount does not apply in case of discounted Items.

6. Right to derogate from the contract

6.1. You have the right within 14 days to exchange or return the ordered goods. The 14-day period begins with the receipt of the goods.

6.2. In order to withdraw from the contract, the Customer must send an application for withdrawal from the contract to the e-mail address VIKNAVEL@HOT.EE. A sample application can be found here.

6.3. When returning the Goods, the principle is that the return is made in the same way as the goods were delivered.

6.4. If you use the above methods of return of goods, it will be free for the Client. When using other methods of return, the Seller is not obliged to reimburse the Customer for transportation costs associated with the return of the goods.

6.5. The seller returns the cost of the returned Goods / Goods, including delivery costs incurred by the Customer, to the Customer’s settlement account within 14 days from the receipt of the withdrawal of the contract. The Customer is obliged to deliver the returned goods to the Seller within 14 days from the date of sending the application for withdrawal from the contract. If the Goods do not arrive at the Seller within the specified period, the refundable payment period is extended until the day when the Goods arrive at the Seller. The returned Goods must be unused, not damaged and not contaminated, and also it should not have traces of use. The goods must be complete (contain the product packaging and all items contained in the commodity package – instructions, certificates, etc.).

7. The procedure for making claims

7.1. With respect to the Goods sold in the online store, the 2-year claim period established in subsection 218 (2) of the Law of Obligations Act applies. Disputes arising between the Client and the Seller are resolved through negotiations.

7.2. If a defect is found, the Customer is entitled to contact the online store at the latest within two months by sending an e-mail to VIKNAVEL@HOT.EE or by calling 56354303.

7.3. If the goods purchased in the online store have defects for which the Seller is liable, the Seller repairs or replaces the defective goods. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced, the Seller returns to the buyer all the fees that accompanied the purchase and sale agreement.

7.4. The seller responds to complaints submitted by the consumer at the earliest opportunity, but not later than within 15 days from the receipt of the claim.

7.5. Based on the provisions of Part 1 of Art. 222 IPF, in case of non-compliance of the Goods with the contractual terms, the Customer has the right to demand repair or replacement of the Goods. In the event of non-conformity of the Goods with the contractual terms, the Seller shall bear the costs associated with the repair of the Goods or the replacement of the Goods (first of all, transportation and postage, travel expenses and materials).

7.6. The Seller shall not be liable for damage caused by the use of the ordered goods not for their intended purpose, as well as for the delay in delivery if it is caused by a circumstance that the Seller could not influence and / or which is caused by force majeure not depending on the Seller (that is, force majeure).

8. Responsibility

8.1. The Seller and the Client are liable to each other for damage caused to the other party by a violation of these Terms of Use in the cases and amounts established by legal acts in force in the Republic of Estonia.

8.2. The seller is responsible in the amount of the sale price of the Goods.

8.3. The Client undertakes to use the services of the Internet store only for purposes that are consistent with law and generally accepted practice.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1. The Client gives the Seller a clear and conscientious consent to the processing of their personal data.

9.2. Personal data that have become known to the Seller are entered in the client register and used to provide services related to the sale and to submit proposals for goods to the Customer.

9.3 The Seller keeps contact details about the Customer entered by the Customer during the purchase, as well as information about the purchases made by the Customer. This information is treated as confidential and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Personal data required for sending the Goods to the Client shall be transferred to the company providing courier services.

9.4. The Seller can use the personal data of the Client to send information about special offers and campaigns by e-mail only if the Client has given his consent to this.

9.5. Data exchange between the Client, banks and the Card Payment Center is encrypted, which ensures the security of the Customer’s personal and banking data.

The payment is made outside the electronic environment of the online store, in the secure payment environment of the relevant bank or service provider. The online store does not have access to the customer’s banking data and to the credit card’s data of the Customer.

Personal data is processed by VIKNAVEL OÜ, address: ÕISMÄE TEE 195 – 17, 13517, Tallinn. Reg. code: 10959270.

10. Terms of Use and Modification

10.1. By registering in the online store or making a purchase, the Customer agrees to the Terms of Use of the online store and agrees to fulfill them.

10.2. The contract of sale between the Seller and the Customer comes into force from the moment of receipt of the amount of the purchase payable to the Seller’s settlement account.

10.3. The Seller can change the Terms of Use of the Internet store and the prices of the goods without warning. The announcement of such changes is published in the online store electronic environment. To the transaction of purchase and sale, prices and other conditions that are visible to the client at the time of the transaction are applied.

10.4. The seller reserves the right to refuse to execute the order in the event that due to a technical error the price of the Goods displayed in the online store was erroneous.

11. Other conditions

11.1. Disputes arising between the Client and the Seller are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the Client can apply to the Commission on Consumer Disputes. You can get acquainted with the terms of dispute settlement and apply here [https://www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee/et/tarbijavaidluste-komisjon]. The competence of the Commission on Consumer Disputes is to resolve disputes arising from a contract concluded between the Client and the Seller. The consideration of the Customer’s complaint in the commission is free of charge.

Customer can contact the platform [https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage] online settlement of consumer disputes of the European Union.

12. Customer Support

12.1. Customer support phone: +372 56354303 (responsible for working days from 9:00 to 17:00); e-mail address for customer support: VIKNAVEL@HOT.EE[/woodmart_responsive_text_block][/vc_column][/vc_row]